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We are the leaders in Gonville property management. We believe property management is more than placing tenants and collecting rent. We’ve certainly built a reputation for friendly, professional service. Our shared team experience amounts to nearly 57 years of property management. We work diligently to maintain your satisfaction and therefore raise living standards to excellence.

Landlords Link, builds on its reputation as landlords and tenants alike sing the praises of Whanganui-based property management agency as it strengthens its hold on the rental property market.

We deliver big results. We are committed to offering a professional property management service that is cost-effective, practical and professional. We are very good at selecting the best tenants for the property in Gonville, and our communications with landlords is paramount. We also specialise in helping new investors get into the Gonville property market and then help them grow their portfolio.

Landlords Link has become well-known within the industry for innovation and landlords and tenants alike are enjoying the benefits.

Gonville Community

Whanganui’s second largest suburb

With the inclusion of Gonville in 1924, Whanganui became a city, now being the second largest suburb. Gonville is the home of the Whanganui Hospital, serving a population of 68,000.

Other attractions include the Whanganui Hockey Turf, Gonville Domain, Gonville School, Arahunga School and private schools St Anthony’s School and St Dominic’s College.

Primary Schools

Carlton School
99A Carlton Avenue, Gonville, Whanganui

06 345 0336

Intermediate Schools

Whanganui Intermediate
90 Dublin Street, Whanganui

06 349 0231


Secondary Schools

Whanganui Collegiate School
192 Liverpool Street, Whanganui

06 349 0210

Whanganui High School
70 Purnell Street, Whanganui

06 349 0178

Linking Top Quality Properties, with Top Quality Tenants

Are You Tired Of Dealing With Tenants & Playing Landlord? We work with property owners all over Gonville. Discover how we can assist you.

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