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You will need either a drivers licence or passport number as well as contact details for a next of kin and two references in order to complete this form.

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By submitting this form, you declare that the information given is correct and that the landlord may check on any of your details.

Applicants Consents – I agree to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information for the following purposes, and warrant that I have supplied all information on this form freely, including my photo identification details. I agree that any information found through any third party databases that relates to me can also be used for the purposes outlined in this application.

Recipient of Information – The information is provided by you to the Owner/Landlord/Agent/Property Manager.

Purpose – The purpose for the collection of my information is: To perform background checks, reference checks and credit checks through credit bureau’s to assess if I am the best applicant on merit. I consent that my personal information including debts may be discussed with any person or work referees. To add my information to any background, reference and credit checking database. To allow the Landlord to add a review to a tenancy review database that can be then viewed by other companies and/or Landlords. To check the Ministry of Justice fines, Tenancy Tribunal, District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Department of Parole, and New Zealand Police Register. To verify my passport, citizenship, birth certificate details via the Department of Internal Affairs. To check if my vehicle is stolen. To check and update a credit bureau. To check whether I am politically significant.

You acknowledge that if your application is successful, you enter a tenancy agreement. You may be subjected to a credit check before your application is successful and if this is required you will be liable to pay for this service. Under The privacy act 1993 Landlords Link Ltd undertakes to collect, use and store information being given to a third party such as landlords, debt agencies etc. The landlord may use any of the information to enforce any judgment or money order obtained against you. You authorize Landlords Link Ltd to contact your landlords and referees.

I authorize Landlords Link Ltd to :

I understand that the credit reporting agency:

Upon being accepted as a successful applicant, you agree to pay Landlords Link Ltd, 1 weeks rent, a min of 4 weeks bond, plus letting fee of one weeks rent + gst